Class Info

Class Description

Required for Class

  • Please bring a QUALITY handgun to class!  Make sure you know how to use it and it works!!!
  • Dress weather according because we shoot outside (also includes shoes/boots you don't mind getting dirty!  This is for both instructors)
  • 100 Rounds of FMJ Ammunition.  NO Hollow Points!!!  (Only exception is for .22LR)
  • A Holster that attaches to your strong hand side, either to your belt or a paddle holster.  No cross draw/shoulder holster!
  • Bring your own Eye and Ear Protection because it is required!  Even though you may only shoot a .22 the person next to you could possibly have a .45 ACP
  • Bring something to write with to class!
When showing up to class please leave your handgun locked in your vehicle!  There will be no handguns in class other than instructors!!

Covered Topics

  • Basic of Handgun /Nomenclature
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Malfunctions / Ammunition
  • Ammunition Care / Storage
  • Situational Awareness
  • Concealed Carry Techniques
  • Holsters and Methods of Carry
  • Confrontation Avoidance
  • Decision making / Shoot or Don’t Shoot
  • Federal / State Laws Pertaining To Purchase-Ownership-Possession-Transportation
  • Federal / State Laws Pertaining To Use Of Force-Degrees Of Assault-Justifiable Homicide
  • Rules and Regulations of the Nebraska Concealed Handgun Permit
  • Handgun Qualification


  • 30 Questions
  • 70% to pass-21 correct

Range-review rules


Class Compeletion

  • Certificate of Completion awarded

Meets the requirements set by the Nebraska State Patrol, for obtaining a Concealed Handgun Permit. This is not the NRA Basic Pistol class.

This is not an NRA-Approved Course.

If you wish to schedule a class somewhere other than Omaha or Litchfield, we would be happy to discuss with you.

If you have a meeting room / classroom and access to a range (or safe place to shoot) we will come to you to teach a class. We can accomodate small groups even in your own home. 

For the Omaha Area please contact Bill Johnson.
For Central Nebraska region please contact Will Johnson. 
(Class fee may vary some depending on travel distance and size of class).

What states recognize this class?

There is much debate on which states recognize the Nebraska Concealed Carry Handgun Permit!  Before you decide to travel with your CCW permit it is always best to call the State Patrol in which states you are traveling to.  This is the only for sure way you will travel legal with this permit!

This course is NOT for novice shooters! You should have solid handgun experence.